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Welcome to my website :)

I decided to create a website to help people save money on their telecom bills. To do this, I compare prices of different telecommunication services between different companies. Foremost, I'm looking for quality with a good value for your money. That's why I created the internet price comparison page and soon to come, the home phone comparative page.

I haven't yet given a name to this site, the name I'm currently considering is '' saving advice.''

A little about me:

Graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor in Business Administration, I began my career as afinancial adviser with the Royal Bank of Canada and then transferred to the Bank of Montreal. During myseven-year career in banking, my priority was always the interest of my clients. During my spare time, I completed 80% of the courses required to become a financial planner, but the thirties's crisis led me to leave the banking industry and direct me in public safety, where I now serve.

My never ending interest in finance led me to developed a critical analysis in price comparison. Whenever I have a significant purchase to do, I analyze the prices to find the best offers on the market. In 2011, this lead me to create the internet price comparison chart. Always updated and now available in English and French, this chart allows you to find the best offer on the market for your internet. Compare prices now and see how much you can save!

Your comments or suggestions are welcomed

Jean-François D'Aragon